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Every year our team builds garages in Calgary, Airdrie and Okotoks. You will not regret!

Concrete Pads

High quality concrete pads last long and and is a key component in a garage.


Always build by code to make sure it can withstand the strong winds of Calgary.


With proper ventilation and the color of yours house roof.

Our customers say:

  • Did the job right and in time! Recommend definetely!
    Jack Woods
    Calgary, AB
  • Great guys! Couldn't have been any smoother or quicker!
    Calgary, SE
  • Helped and directed me to exactly what I needed! Thanks!
    Okotoks, AB

Team Work

  • Calgary Garage Exapmle 1

    Garage construction

  • Calgary Concrete Works Exapmle 1

    Concrete Pads

  • Calgary Garage Framing Exapmle 1

    Framing in Calgary

  • Calgary Garage Framing Exapmle 2

    Garage Framing

  • Calgary Garage Exapmle 2

    Garage in Calgary

  • Calgary Garage Concrete Pad Exapmle 2

    Concrete pad in Calgary

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